I’ve been homebrewing since the mid-1990s and experimenting with gruit or herbal brewing since 2001. During that time I’ve progressed to all-grain brewing, mostly to save money, while also keeping my equipment basic and my methods primitive, at least compared to the average American homebrewer’s geektastic set-up. Though I’m still very much a learner, I want to use this space to share a few of my techniques and discoveries as time permits.



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  1. Ordering the ordering | twisted rib
    Ordering the ordering | twisted rib · August 7, 2012 at 17:48:31 · →

    […] more slowly, sniffing and sipping, rolling across the taste buds. Finally I read them aloud to the brewer as he brewed. There are only 18 of them, after all, and it didn’t take as long as the […]

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