For years I dithered about whether to register this domain. Then two years ago, another Dave Bonta made things simple for me by registering it himself. Since he’s an author too, and is doing good work by promoting small-scale solar power, I didn’t begrudge him that. Then last week it occurred to me to see what he was up to, only to find that the domain was no longer in use. On a whim I went ahead and registered it, then contacted the previous owner to make sure he hadn’t let it go accidently. I don’t think he’ll mind if I share part of his very genial response:

I originally got the Dave Bonta website for my books, New Green Home Solutions and New Solar Home.

It was part of the deal I made with my co-author, Steve Snyder. I let it lapse after a couple of years (as the books became older) so I would be happy to have you take it over, since it was more about published works than solar. I actually have another blog, Green Guru, Dave Bonta that allows me to pontificate on RE [renewable energy] issues (and facebook, etc, where I never get the time to update anyway…) so I am happy to let you have the other. As a poet, it makes sense that you would have it.

Nice guy, right? But the question remains: given that Via Negativa is already my home base on the open web, what do I really need this site for? I’ve always been sort of opposed to the notion of building a personal brand. I guess I figure that if Via Negativa ever morphs into a full-fledged group blog, it would be good to have this in reserve. In the meantime, I suppose I’ll go ahead and set up a books page. Beyond that, I’m not sure. Maybe some homebrewing recipes, or other things that don’t quite fit on any of my other sites? If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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  1. Is the world big enough for two Dave Bontas? Apparently so! This might be a good place to link to your other websites and other projects on the net. Also, as you say, perhaps a good place to post about subjects that don’t seem to fit elsewhere. Lately, I’ve been thinking of starting something new to post stuff that doesn’t fit on JTTC which has its own purpose. The problem is time, of course. Is there enough time to maintain another website?

    1. Time, yes! That’s always the dilemma, isn’t it? Well, my thought was that this would be mostly a static site, so maintenance means basically keeping WordPress updated and renewing the domain name! Plus adding info about new books as they appear.

  2. Certainly this would be a good place for a table of contents directing people to all things Bontasaurus. I don’t think you have to consider that a “brand.” Eh, that’s marketing talk. But people who are curious about you–why is it wrong that they should be able to find more Bontasaurus tastiness elsewhere? Go for it!

    I do like your homebrew recipes. That would be nice. But your named site probably ought to be bigger than that.

    Of course, I no longer have, so perhaps it is ridiculous for me to say a word about the topic!

    1. Hi Marly! Well, I have started a Books page (see menu at top right) and I guess I’ll work on a brewing section as time permits. I’ll have to remove my Bio page at VN and re-direct links here so Google doesn’t punish me for duplicate content.

      I thought you were right to concentrate everything at the site that everyone visits, but I don’t think you should’ve given up that domain!

  3. Very cool and classy all around. I like the minimalist approach too. I thought about doing this once or twice too, but there is another James Brush–writer and visual artist–using the URL. It’s an interesting way to find one’s double I suppose. Now, off to unhack my site.

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