A select list of sites where I regularly post new content.

My websites

  • Moving Poems
    A curated collection of the best poetry videos on the web, updated five times a week.
  • The Morning Porch
    A daily microblog on the view and soundscape from my front porch, in 140 or fewer characters.
  • Via Negativa
    Daily poems in a literary blog shared with poet Luisa A. Igloria and other, more occasional guests.
  • Herbal Brewing
    My homebrewing blog and recipe cache.
  • Woodrat Photohaiku
    Photos and scraps of poetry found in the back forty.

Social media

  • Twitter
    I’m @morningporch mostly for the 140-character limit, a great spur to creativity.
  • Instagram
    Snapshots (of course) and occasionally poetry.
  • Flickr
    I post almost all of my photos that are worth keeping to Flickr. I’m not too active there socially, but I do enjoy following a few photographer friends.
  • Vimeo
    Videopoetry and the occasional wildlife video. (Snakes! Bears!)
  • YouTube
    Vimeo is my main video-storage site, but I do upload some stuff to YouTube as well.
  • Facebook
    I’m back on the blue-bannered Borg as of April 2020.