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upside-down face in trees
I like to examine a problem from all angles
I have years of experience creating and publishing poetry multimedia/intermedia, especially videopoetry, and I’ve been a WordPress user since 2006. While I’m nowhere near being an über geek, I’m pretty geeky for a poet, and I understand the needs of poets and other writers — I speak their language. Now, with the current social and economic chaos, I’m reminded of Hunter S. Thompson’s dictum: When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

So I’m going pro. I’d like to think of myself as a useful intermediot. My services include:

  • Digital video production, editing, and consultation for poets, authors, and creative professionals. Let me polish your Zoom recording for YouTube, make or collaborate on a book trailer, or create a video essay or videopoem for live or virtual screenings. Need an audio recording? Want help setting up a podcast? I’m your man.
  • Author website creation and troubleshooting, including WordPress issues. I can generally figure out how to do just about anything on WordPress, but I am not a web designer. If you need to set up a website, I will expect you to make decisions about the appearance of the site.
  • Digital poetry formatting in HTML and CSS.
  • Self- or small publishing options for digital and print-on-demand formats.

My basic rate is $20/hour for now. As I gain experience, that will probably rise.

Please email me to discuss the project: bontasaurus@yahoo.com. I’m also happy to Zoom or Skype about it.


Send me your money! (Please note: Supporting poetry in this way may result in the release of dangerously high levels of endorphins.)