January 05, 2017 at 07:39PM on Facebook

This sounds great, a story about a writer who is, like so many of us, obsessed with poetry but not especially tormented by ambition: “In this film, Paterson does what most writers—not most writers whose names you know, although those too, but actually most writers—do: *he writes*. For himself. In obscurity. He writes before work, during his lunch break, and sometimes after work. He writes in the moments that he has available to him, the moments that are not consumed by his job, or by his relationship, or by the sometimes-wonderful, sometimes-unsatisfying day-to-day business of his life. He does not seem to want to do anything with his poems. He does not want to publish them, or share them with anyone other than Laura. He just wants to write them. He just wants to write them, and have a beer in the evening, and wake up next to the woman he loves in the morning.”
Why Every Aspiring Writer Should Go See Paterson