November 29, 2016 at 07:24PM on Facebook

Teju Cole’s latest essay on photography.
“When I returned to the United States in early November, I was caught up in the presidential campaign and too distracted to write anything; I figured I’d get to it on Nov. 9. The shock of that morning’s election result was not mine alone. I lay in bed in grief and confusion. I was not merely “sad.” I was derailed. All my work suddenly seemed pointless. It was so difficult for me to organize thoughts into language that I felt as if I’d had a stroke. It wasn’t until late on Nov. 10 that language slowly returned. The return of the ability to write felt like resistance, the reclamation of an insight: Even at the worst of times, there is nothing pointless about the work we do as critics or artists.”
Capital, Diplomacy and Carnations