October 25, 2016 at 08:38PM on Facebook

“Now, I am not seeking academic tenure for my poetry, so I am not risking my professional reputation. Actually, I am ENHANCING and enriching and expanding my reputation. But, as a writer and a poet, I am having massively more fun with my poetry and other folks’ poetry working in this more open and social environment than I ever did working off in my own little cubby with fewer readers than fingers and protecting my poems so much than I’ve lost copies of most of them. Just my experience, but it illustrates a bit of the dichotomy. […] I feel heartbroken and sad for my poet friends who don’t understand this and linger in the ‘I must protect my content by not sharing it’ mode. Sharing it is HOW you protect your content in the modern online environment. That is how you build reputation, how you prove the date of authorship, how you expand your audience, how you maximise your sales.”
Re-reading this old but still relevant post by librarian-poet Patricia F. Anderson.
Why I Put My Poetry in a Blog