September 09, 2016 at 07:51PM on Facebook

“Now, as Glenn Greenwald notes, it is false to say that Trump has gotten deferential treatment from the press as a whole. Investigative reporters have delivered many absolutely brutal articles on his failed business ventures, his pathological lying, his abuse of Miss Universe contestants, what looks very much like a bribe to halt an investigation into Trump University, and on and on. Turn over any rock related to Trump, and chances are good you’ll find something horrible.
“But the political press — the people in prominent outlets doing daily reporting on politics — is just completely incapable of grokking the whole of the Trump phenomenon. All the mores of Serious Political Journalism — the performative insider savviness, the self-seriousness, the belief that each party deserve approximately equal criticism, the reluctance to make controversial claims for fear of bias accusations, and so on — lend Trump a dignity he does not possess.”
Clinton is a cynical machine politician. Trump is a grave threat to America. Got it?