September 02, 2016 at 03:16PM on Facebook

“I assert with absolute certainty, as a trained ecologist after a lifetime of study and nurturing of ecological intuition, that there is no possible solution to climate change that does not include large natural forests covering the majority of Earth’s land mass.
So why are Mr. McKibben and not calling for an immediate end to old-growth forest logging and a massive program to protect and restore native forest ecosystems along with all those solar and wind factories? Tree nurseries, planting, and care provide jobs too. In what can only be called willful negligence, essentially the entire climate change glitterati including Mr. McKibben refuses to publicly support in a major way protecting and restoring old-growth forests as part of the climate change solution, despite being repeatedly called upon by myself and others to do so for over a decade.”
Bill McKibben’s Declaration of War on Climate is Dangerous and Wrong