November 08, 2015 at 11:11AM on Facebook

“Even though an individual with an LGBT gender or sexual identity may endure undue social discrimination and prejudice, from the perspective of one’s *humanity*, it may be a privilege to be queer, because you’ve been given cause to question the norms that govern identity in a way heterosexual, cisgender individuals may not have. Repressive gender culture might cause material harm to people who fall closer to the queer part of the continuum, but those boundaries limit everybody by disallowing the individual to explore the depth, breadth, and scope of their humanity.” This is something I’ve believed for years (based more on left-libertarian ideology than on any insight gleaned from my own, rather stereotypically straight experience) so I’m very glad to see it beginning to be borne out by solid study results.
Straight People Don’t Exist, New Research Says | Broadly