September 30, 2015 at 11:14PM on Facebook

Like his predecessors, this pope is neither “liberal” nor “conservative” as we generally define such things. His meeting with Kim Davis was one of many meetings with a wide variety of folks, and was thoroughly unsurprising to me. Despite what a barrage of poorly informed Facebook memes may have led you to believe, he has never given any indication that he’s interested in changing fundamental church doctrine on gay rights or women’s rights, and his positions on the poor, on the environment, and on the value of science are eloquent expressions of longstanding doctrine. What he’s done is soften the tone and enlarge the tent a bit (e.g. for the liberation theology crowd), as well as lead by example. He’s an important world leader with many good things to say… but then again, I even admire people like Putin and Obama for some of the things they’ve done and said over the years. Doesn’t mean I don’t also decry their respective crimes against humanity. In short, can we get some nuance, please?
The Pope and Kim Davis: Seven Points to Keep in Mind