June 10, 2015 at 09:48AM on Facebook

I’m gonna be a glass-half-empty guy here for once πŸ™‚ and suggest that the fact that it took the Librarians of Congress 79 years to appoint a Latino poet is some serious fucked-up bullshit. There’s no doubt that Herrera is qualified β€” over-qualified, in fact. I admire his inventiveness as a poet, his willingness to take risks rather than continuing to plow the same old field like so many I could name, his openness to collaboration and group-writing exercises, and his tremendous work ethic. When the news about his appointment broke last night, I was almost too excited to sleep. This is a guy who will SERIOUSLY raise the public profile of poetry in these disunited states, at a time when we need poetry, and the deep communication it can bring, more than ever. I only wish the LOC would pick candidates like him every time, instead of, two times out of three, treating the position as an honor to be bestowed on Great White Poets near the ends of their careers.
Juan Felipe Herrera Named U.S. Poet Laureate, The First Latino To Hold The Post